MLA Citation Sites

When doing research, you MUST cite the source you are using.  This means that you must list

the books, encyclopedias, magazines, websites, etc. that you use to locate information that is new to you.

Remember:  You may NEVER copy or cut and paste someone else's words and use them as your own.


Listed below are some sites that may be helpful in creating a bibliography.

MLA Format



Author(s). Title of Book. City Where Published: Publisher, Year of Publication. Print.


Online Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Source. Publisher Day Month Year. Print. Access Day Month Year.

Scholarly Journal Articles:
             Example Print article

Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Journal. Volume.Issue (Month Year): pages. Print.

             Example Online article

Author(s). "Title of Article." Title of Journal. Volume.Issue (Month Year): n.pag. Web. Access Day Month Year.


Web Sites:

Author(s). Name of Web Page. Date of posting/revision. Name of institution/corporation affiliated with the site. Web. Access Day Month Year. .


Online Articles:

Author(s). "Article Title." Title of Resource. Date of publication/update/posting. Web. Access Day Month Year .


Television or Radio:

"Episode Title." Title of Program. Title of series. Name of network. Station call letters, City. Broadcast Day Month Year.



Name of person interviewed. Type of interview. Print. Day Month Year.


Lecture or Speech:

Lecturer name. “Title of Lecture/Speech”. Organization/Department. Place of lecture, City, State. Print. Day Month Year.


Photograph of Artwork:

Creator(s). Title of piece. Museum where original displayed, City. Title of book. By book author if different. Publisher city: Publisher name. Date. Page.  Print.


Photo sharing:

Owner User Name. “Title of Photo”. Title of Source.  Name of Source. Web. Day Month Year accessed.


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